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My Thanksgiving is finally here, First Turkey

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  Morning all, first off I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and smoked up some good eats. As some of you know my Thanksgiving is today since I had to work Thursday.


  So I went out and bought some play sand for my Brinkmann 2 door vertical smoker (after reading about it here) and will be putting the Turkey on around 10am this morning.  Last night I made up a new rub recipe to try and can't wait. I will of course report back throughout the day with pics and updates.


 Going to be 65f and sunny here today, damn did I luck out.



 Talk to you all soon.




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Good luck Shawn!

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Good luck! keep us updated on your progressthumb1.gif

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Hoping everything turns out great.


Will be waiting for the Qview....... 



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Go Get Em' Shawn,  best of luck!  So HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you.

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Thanks guys.



 Smoker is lit and waiting for the temp to settle in. Once that is settled I will prep the bird and put it on.


Pics to come soon enough.




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Sounds good Shawn!

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Heck yah man not gonna lie excited to see your results 

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Sorry for the late follow up guys, I was ready to pass out after being up since 2am, eating the feast and a few beers :)


Well the Turkey was a HUGE success, we had 2 friends over who couldn't stop saying OMG after every bite and insisted on taking some home :) MAKES ME HAPPY




Well here she is freshly rubbed and just put on.




And here she is off the smoker.






Made up a new rub just for this bird and I really liked it, rub and butter under skin. Sprayed with apple juice during cooking. The sand in the water pan was a good change IMHO, I think I will be staying with that plan. Sorry no cutting pics, it was like a Zombie feeding ground.



Thanks for taking a look.



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The turkey looks great! Nice job!

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Beautiful color

You did a great job Shawn 


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Thanks everyone.


 This smoking is a very slippery slope.







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Awesome Shawn!!

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