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Looks like a great adventure... thanks for posting. I've had the itch to butcher a pig. I think I'll start with one and keep it in the 100 lb range though. I'd be interested to know what you paid for the hogs that you butchered. I was quoted $3.29 per pound, but live in the SF Bay Area where things can be a bit inflated.



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I worked in a packing plant for a few years. I kind of miss that stuff sometimes......kind of.

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So a little update





. Then a whole bunch of higher priority things came up and the wife said no smoker work till its all done. :(


oh well such is life. I got a new hole saw and hope to get that done tomorrow assuming all goes well. Christmas season is very busy around here but i will post and update as soon as i get anything worth posting.

For some odd reason wives dont see things the way we


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Ok so firs sausage project with the little piggy is a success. Unforunetly it wasnt in the smoker as that is still unfinished. But i did make some amazing merguez sausages. i used 5lbs of deer, 5lbs or pork and 1lb of beef. I used 1kg of merguez seasoning that i got from griffith labs and added some fresh garlic and onions. WOW. i love merguez sausages. It is traditionally made with lamb but i don't have any at the moment and it is very costly to buy around here. I stuffed it all in beautiful lamb cassings. I splurged and bought commercial grade cassings and they are awesome. they come preloaded on stripy straws that allow you to load the whole cassing on in seconds. My friend was there helping me and he took some pics so i'll have him email them to me and i''ll post them.


to any of you that are unfamiliar with merguez flavor i strongly recommend you to try it. My family in france cooks these all the time and we use an open wood bbq. SOOOOOOOO good. Its a north african dish that has become a staple in french cooking. Often served on couscous also something i recommend you guys trying. Its like a simple pasta. yum!  cant wait till spring time when i'll go butcher a couple lambs and make the real deal.

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Country boy can survive. !


Its fun when the family gets involved and you can just make it an event to  look forward too. !  Its like ok.,,, this is the weekend were gonna do it yall better show up.....and they always do.

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mixing meat.JPGsausage stuffer.JPG






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here are a few pics of the fun ;)



i have the dakota sausage stuffer and other than a little anoying to clean its great.

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Brings back memories for me to,except I  didnt see snow like that until my 30s. Lot of jowls & tongues there in 4 pigs that could go in the smoker. Merguez on a baguette at a cattle show in the Limousane region of France quite a memory too.

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Don't know how I missed this! Great fun butchering all those hogs. Growing up, we always did our own hogs, chickens (yuck) and beef. Definitely remember the cracklins and lard making. Quite an experience, but had definitely helped me with my wild game. 

Great looking sausages and I'll have to look up the ones you referred to, might be something to try. Thanks for the sharing a great experience.

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