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Successfukl Smoked Turkey!

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Thanksgiving Bird was an amazing success! Pulled out the smoker at 165 and put it to rest in the ice chest with towels. It had to stay there awhile as the tomatoes were finishing and we mended to drive 60 miles to families house. I am here to say the longer the rest the better the turkey! It was absolutely amazing when we carved and served the bird. Sorry no carving pictures and they picked the plates clean! Thanks so much to all of you helped in making this a successful Thanksgiving for my family and I! Hope everyone else's day was as successful as mine!

In the brine and the XL Ziploc bag



Warming up the Smoker



Bird out of the Brine - The bird came with all the little holes in it from the solution they used.



I think I might be getting the hang of this!



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O man the color of that bird looks great!

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That's a beauty!


How'd it taste?

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Great Looking Bird

Your Bradley looks new, how'd it perform?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks delicious!!



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Now that is a mighty fine lookin turkey. Gotta love the color on it.


Happy Smokin'



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Wan2smoke, nothing wrong with that bird, outstanding results. The color is excellent, and obviously the results speak for themselves.Looks-Great.gif

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Nice Looking Bird !!!!


Great Color !!!!



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Great looking bird.


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