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Turkey Parts, Slaughterhouse Brine - Q-View, Money shot/Bear View added

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I did not want to deal with the breast going faster than the thigh, so I separated the pieces, leaving the breast on the bone.  I bought extra extremities to test different rubs. 


Slaughterhouse Brine for 3 days.


Rubbed wings, one thigh and drum with my go to chicken rub.


Equal parts Kirkland No Salt Organic Spice Mix and Turbinado Sugar

Kosher Salt to taste


Seasoned breast and other thighs and drums with a sugar free poultry spice mix I originally formulated for deep fried turkey.  It also works great on any roasted, baked, or smoked bird.


Scooper's Poultry Spice:


Kosher Salt 4 Tblsp
Granulated Onion 4 Tblsp
Granulated Garlic 2 Tblsp
Black Pepper 3 Tblsp
Dry Mustard 1 Tblsp plus 1 tsp.
Ground Celery Seed 1 Tblsp plus 1 tsp.
Ground Thyme 1/2 tsp.
Ground Bay Leaves 1/2 tsp
Ground Rosemary 1/2 tsp
Cayenne 1/2 tsp


Stuffed the breast under the skin with butter folded with minced fresh rosemary and spice mix.


MGS, 280 - 290, apple and cherry mix.  Pulled wings at 4.5 hours to finish on the grill.  Cranked smoker up to 315 to finish everything else.




Turkey 11-24-11 001.jpg


Cloe up wings:


Turkey 11-24-11 002.jpg




Turkey 11-24-11 003.jpg


Turkey 11-24-11 004.jpg




Turkey 11-24-11 005.jpg


Thighs and drums:


Turkey 11-24-11 006.jpg




Turkey 11-24-11 007.jpg



I'm going to dig in now.  Bear view and plate view with all the trimmin's tomorrow!





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Looks great! Those wings look like a real treat!

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Great color!


Looks delicious!

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I love the amount of smoke penetration from all the exposed surface of the thigh meat.  Wow was this turkey moist and delish!


Turkey 11-24-11 008.jpg


Turkey 11-24-11 009.jpg


No flash:


Turkey 11-24-11 010.jpg


Turkey 11-24-11 011.jpg


I could not get a good shot of the breast, but it is very moist due to the under the skin herb butter.


Turkey 11-24-11 012.jpg


With Ham and Parmesan stuffing, Texas Kidney beans, green beans and gravy:


Turkey 11-24-11 015.jpg


And I have wings to munch on for a couple days too. 


I highly recommend separating the parts if presentation is not important.  You have much more control over the temps of the breast and thighs.  Plus you get wing ding snacks! 

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Awesome plate!!!




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BEAUTIFUL job Scooper!  Great Q-view, Tons of money shots!icon14.gif

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Everything looks GREAT, Scoop !!!!


The BearViews are Awesome, and the Plate is Perfect !!!


I agree---If I ever have to make Turkey, I will break it down too!----My Son does all the Birds around here.




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Awesome plate.


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It looks just perfect!

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