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Quick question?

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Has anyone pulled a pork loin? If so how do you keep it moist and what temp do you cook it to? I've been asked to smoke pork loins for a local bar which I thought sure no big deal but after they bought the meat they told me they wanted to pull them. I've pulled a bunch of butts but never even thought of pulling a loin. Let me know thanks.
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Some of the experienced smokers will be able to help you better than I can.


But knowing how lean a loin is, I don't think it is going to be good for pulled pork.  There is not enough fat and collagen in it to produce the desired result.  I believe taking it over 150 degrees will give you a dried out, ruined piece of meat.


I could be wrong, though.

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I know folks will smoke loins, but I think they slice them - I agree with scooper - too lean for a good pull.

If they insist on something "pulled" you could try chopping the meat after it's cooked and mixing in a little finishing sauce.

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I agree with Ellie. The loin does not have the fat to go to 205 for pulling 

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i would wrap it in bacon and hot smoke it @ 325 to an intenal temp of 145-150 and then slice it after a 10-15 minute rest.....loins do not do well over 165 internal temp.

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Thanks guys, I didn't think a loin could be pulled but I figured i'd ask if anyone ever had luck trying it. I need to have them ready by 10:30 am so I was thinking I would smoke it hot til the internal was around 130 then let them cool to slice thin. Then throw the slices into a roaster with a pork broth so the slices don't dry out but finish cooking. It's against my better judgement to use a roaster for any finish with smoked meat but I guess I gotta do what I gotta do. Go Big Red!
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No harm in asking good question...

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A guy has a stand on the property of a Harley Dealer my wife used to work for....His Big  Claim to Fame is his Leaner Healthier Pulled Pork...He uses Loins... Worst $#!T I have ever eaten!...You might as well have put BBQ Sauce on Pulled HEMP ROPE....Dry and Stringy does not begin to describe it....Your plan will work way better...JJ

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I'm sorry but.........




























........Go HAWKS!





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Looks like the guys have you covered. Bacon wrapped stuffed pork loin is a big favorite around here.

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