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How to 'hold' a turkey? (Mini-disaster on my hands)

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So, I'm smoking the turkey today. I have a good 13+ lb turkey in there, and I was told to expect about 30 mins/lb at 225*.


Expecting a solid 6+ hours to smoke this thing, I threw it in around 10:30, hoping it would be ready to rest and be carved around 5.


Well, 2 hours into smoking and it's already at 122*. I re-adjusted the thermometer, as well as tried a second one, but the temp is pretty much spot-on. I think my turkey is going to be done a good 2 hours before I was planning on it :( I'm thinking the brine may not have been factored into that 30 min/lb cook time I was reading. My mistake.


How can I hold/preserve the turkey until it's ready to be carved? I'd really like to avoid throwing it in the fridge and reheating it if at all possible.


Thanks guys

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You can try wrapping in a couple of layers of heavy foil and then a couple of towels and put it in an ice chest  . stuff a blanket or more towels in the chest to fill the air gaps.

  leave a probe in it so that you can watch internal temps. If it stays above 140 just wait and slice it .

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Not sure what coolering it would do to the skin but that's how I hold all my other cooked meats - you know the drill - preheat a cooler with hot water, dry it out and line with towels, add meat, cover with towels, lid.

Of course, you may not have a cooler that can hold a turkey that size. When you are getting ready to serve just pop it in a really hot oven for a few minutes to firm up the skin.

Never done it, but don't know why it wouldn't work.

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Exactly what Eman & Elly said---That should hold it for 2 hours.



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Other option is to foil wrap it and hold it in a 150-175° oven.... but usually the oven is in use with other stuff! biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Exactly what Eman & Elly said---That should hold it for 2 hours.




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I love this forum, thanks guys. I'll do the cooler thing, see how that works out. 15-20 minutes before we eat I'll pop it in the oven at a high temp and crisp up the skin.


When you say towels, do you mean actual towels? Or Paper towels?


Thanks again

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Bath towels--Beach towels---Even an old Army Blanket if you have one---to take up space in the cooler.




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Yup blankets or towels  

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How did it turn out?

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Freakin' awesome :D I never actually wound up having to hold it, the last 20* or so of the turkey slowed to a crawl and it somehow all evened out

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Great, I'm glad it turned out good for you!

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awesome glad it came out good for you!
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