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First Turkey

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Hey everyone!  Ok here's how my morning started. I gave myself 6 hours to smoke this 13 lbs turkey thinking that would be plenty of time. My plan was to smoke it at about 300. I started the pit using the minion method just like always but it took forever to reach 315 and after I put the bird on the temp only came back up to around 245 and then steadily started dropping. So I lit a new batch of charcoal, started over, and emptied the water pan! By the time I made the switch the temp was down to 230. I grabbed some lump charcoal I had in the attic and threw in with the regular charcoal. Right now it's back up to 275. I learned my lesson buy charcoal early and let it sit in the house to dry out for a week or so.We got a lot of rain 2 days ago and when I bought charcoal yesterday at good ole wally world they had it outside with all the plants, undercover but still outside. Plus it was extremely wet outside this morning lots of dew it almost looked like it rained. I've never had any trouble keeping the heat up with this WSM. What I'm thinking is letting it smoke for about 3 hours then putting it in the over on about 325 to finish it. That will give it 3 hours to cook in the oven. I'm thinking that should be enough time anyone have any thoughts? Also does anyone have any tips to keeping temps up in conditions like these or something I could have done different?


Thanks in advance for any tips.



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Ok  4 hours into it the turkey was done to my surprise. Guess I can plan on smoking the turkey for Christmas at 275.

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Glad you got it figured out.


How did the turkey taste?

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I'll have to report back on that one dinners not until 1. Not sure I can wait though hahaha...

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We'll be here!


Have a great TG meal!!

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Turkey turned out just right, juicy and tender! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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Glad it turned out well Jay

Happy T-Day to you to buddy.

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Nope forgot about it..... Sounds like I will doing one for Christmas I'll have to Qview that one.

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I am glad you go it right,

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