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Cured and Smoked Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Son and I cured and smoked two turkeys for Thanksgiving; one for us and one for another family, Just wanted to post a couple pics, then we'll do some after-carving shots!


Ours out of the smoker, ready to unwrap:




2nd one still in the smokehouse, a bigger turkey, another hour to go:





I'll post s couple Qviews of our bird when we carve it!

Plus, we're doing a 23 lb. turkey in the oven too with home-made breakfast sausage stuffing, too!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Dang that looks great. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too.
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YUM YUM YUMMY!!!! Looks Awesome!



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Looks great pops......Have a good thanksgiving



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Looks good Pops!


I used your brine/cure on the turducken I'm smoking.

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Looking good Pops!!



Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!



If ya talk to youur brother or sister tell them I said hi!!!




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Sure will Craig!


Well, part 2 - went to my son's house this morning to help with the stuffing, an annual event!  Took pictures... of course!   This is how we make sausage stuffing!  First, he came over a couple weeks ago and we made breakfast and italian sausages; 2 lbs. of breakfast was reserved for this morning:




Broke it up and crumbled it and fried it up - it was over 90% lean, not a drop of grease in the pan!




cooking down.


Then, chopped up a bunch of celery and a large TEXAS!




Melted a pound of LOL butter: (only do it once a year!)






Mixed the veggies and butter and sausage together and let the onion and celery soften, but still a little crunch in them:




(you can see the pan with the giblets simmering in back!)

Emptied three boxes of 'croutons' (well, kinda croutons, couldn't find the real croutons this year! but, they worked!) in the turkey pan and poured the butter/sausage/onion/celery mix in it




and gently stirred it all together, then an even layer of poultry seasoning on top, about ¼ the jar, plus 2 cups of giblet broth added also!




(no, never once measured it, just by sight and feel!) - then mixed it in all together, and the final stuffing all prepared!  Stuffed the neck and bowel cavities of the bird (23 lb. turkey):




Bird all stuffed and oiled in the oiled and foiled pan, about half the stuffing we prepared... yes, there is a method to my madness...


.... the rest into a 7 qt CrockPot®!

018.JPG 1


The proof is in the pudding, going back now to mix the meal and eat!  Will show the results later!



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Sounds like a great stuffing recipe Pops!


Thank-you for sharing it!

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Thanks y'all for looking! my son's MIL calls it "Yankee Stuffing" because it doesn't have 'traditional' Southern components in it, lol!

Turkey got done just fine and we had a feast!  Had to put down the camera and help serve and things so I didn't get anywhere near the pics I wanted, but.. everything was delicious!




The Crock Pot stuffing, drier than the in-the-bird stuffing but still the same great sausage flavor!





Just one last pic, but.. some of the satisfied customers... Grandma Linda (my wife) relaxing with the two granddaughers watching the football game snuggled in under the blanket!



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nice Pops!  I smoked a 20lb turkey this year using your wet cure method with 1/2 salt.  It was a big hit with all

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It all looks real good...good looking family...

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Everything looks great!...JJ

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Great looking birds and great looking family. The Stuffing recipe looks like a winner also!



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