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Not even a sample? You have remarkable will power.  Maybe we should appoint you as Treasury Secretary, if you can be trusted with that sausage, we can trust you with our money!biggrin.gif

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awesomedrool.gifso U did a 80/20 mix?????  

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Looks good

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

First I let the sausage hang in the smoker  to reach ambient temp for about 2 hrs then I started out at 150 and bumped it up 10 degrees every hr until it reached an IT of 160. Took about 4.5 hrs


I"ll send you a pm..... Yeah I did grind up the tenderloins.... The deer are so small here in nc which makes a low yeild of meat. It would'nt be worth making sausage with what I had without the loin. If I hunted I would not shoot unless it was a large animal to harvest for the meat...  The people I know will shoot a small to medium size deer. We'll, at least it keeps the population in check. The problem I have in hanging dear in nc is the temp. it is too warm of a climate during hunting season to do this in my opinion. I have seen it done and you cannot control the flies unless you have a refrigerated cooler




We have the same problem here in S. Texas..,stays pretty warm during hunting season a lot of the time.

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