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Venison Slim Jim Mixing

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Did some of the venison today. Mixed up in 5 lb bags ready for smoking.


venison bag



5 lbs of regular (bottom left) 10 lbs of Teriyaki (right) 5 lbs of bourbon




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OK Rick, I'm on board!



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I'm right there with you Alpopcorn.gif

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Got the Bourbon all ready to smoke.


Remixed the meat to even out the mix.



Stuffing into 17mm collagen




I have 2 tube lengths for 17mm collagen for my 5 lb LEM.




Something different.




Ready to hang.




Just a tad over 8 lbs.



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The meats look good. If you need a taster I am available.


Nepas, the above was typed by my 6 yr old boy child after seeing your great Venison snack sticks.

Looks great as usual.



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O Boy Slim Jims...I really like them Slim Jim`s....looking good..

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Nepas, slim jims look great. I picked up a mix today to try.

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