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Perfect Mix or Apple

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Just wondering what pellets to use tomorrow when smoking turkey. I've been leaning towards just apple, but the perfect mix has a blend of apple, cherry, maple & hickory. What do you guys think?

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I smoked some turkey breasts Sunday with a mix of apple, maple, and hickory.  It turned out great.  I let one rest for a while and sliced it for my wife and I to try and her eyes got BIG when she was chewing it. wife.gif   I was a little scared but she said it was awesome, and we ended up eating the whole thing, just after we ate lunch!!

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I like the perfect mix a lot, but for poultry I always use some mesquite too.

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I used the "perfect mix" for my birds last weekend but I have not eaten any of the bird yet so I don't know what the smoke flavor is like yet. It will be my first use of the "perfect mix" so I am excited.

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My favorite poultry mix is the apple / pecan 50/50

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I tend to use apple and then a water pan filled with apple juice.

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