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no time to pull after smoking

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I may have royally screwed things up on this, but I did what sounded lease wrong.


Two butts on my drum, one 12#, one 8#, both stayed about same in temp until about 170.  Small one had a short stall, then rose logically to 195, so I pulled it


The larger one stalled at 170 like the small one, started rising to 175, and set. and set. and set. and set.  It was still 175 when I pulled the small one.  Foiled it, stuck it in the oven preheated to 275 trying to get things going, nothing.  Still stuck.  Used a second probe to verify it wasn't a t-meter issue, read 177. 

I had set this whole thing up to give me plenty of "oh sh*t" time prior to going to work, just in case.  Since things were still stalled, I dropped the oven to 225, hoping the meat wouldn't get to 195 until my kid got home from school, thinking she could cooler it until I got home from work.


Of course, the meat took off like a shot.  I've never had a butt just start rising consistently in temp-- usually the it goes up a degree, drops down, goes up, stays, goes up another, just sort of meandering its way to done.  This thing took off like it was a sprint.  It went from 175 to 195 in less than 40 minutes. 


No way to pull it before leaving for work.  No way to keep it safely hot enough wrapped in a cooler until I got home from work   I considered dropping the oven to 195 and just letting it set, but I was afraid it would dry out. 


Sooooo,, I took it out of the oven and stuck it in the fridge.  I'm hoping I can reheat it at, say, maybe 325, until it's hot enough to pull.


How badly have I screwed this puppy up?  Any thoughts from the experts?






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You haven't screwed up.

Did you wrap, foil, bag, etc before placing in the fridge?

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yep.  foiled it before I put it in the oven. I don't like to foil, cause is mushes up the bark, but I thought that was the best way to do it. Kept it in the foil when I stuck it in the fridge


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If it's in foil it will be alright

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It will be fine...A quick way to reheat it is to cut it into 2-3 inch chunks and put them in a pan with Apple cider or Finishing Sauce cover with foil and heat in a 325*F oven until it Pulls easily...JJ 

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Sounds like they have you covered.

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