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Sale on Prime Rib

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Prime Rib at Food Lion Stores..    Regular- 8.99

                                                      Sale- 4.99

I will try to leave U some.  If I can float a loan, youall are S.O.L..   Hemi..36.gif



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The're on sale here for $6.99


You lucky dog icon_evil.gif

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This is the time of year they go on sale.


Most of the supermarket ones will be select grade.


Prime or choice will jump the price.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Very nice price!

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Lucky Duck!

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This is the time of year they go on sale. When it hits $5.99 I'll start stocking up!

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I collected on a project today and went down to the local Food lion and wiped out the stuff on sale

[prime rib ] at 4.99.   I got a further discount and it came to about 4.35.. If there ain't none left for U .. Can't say I didn't warn U..! noticed the ny strip on sale for the same price but I was outta money.th_crybaby2.gifNow I gotta find a simple fool-proof recipe that even I got a chance of pullin off.



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Can`t even find Prime Rib around here...

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