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Deep fried turkey question

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I'm looking for a little guidance here.  I have a buttermilk brine recipe for my turkey.  My question is, can I deep fry it after it's been brined?  Will the buttermilk have an effect on the hot oil that I'd be dunking it into?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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Any liquid will have an effect on the hot oil. Sometimes dangerously.

 Hf you rinse the bird ,inside and out and  wipe dry and let sit overnight in the fridge You should be good. BE CAREFUL!!! get the oil to temp. use a pole w/ 2 people to lower the bird and Turn off the flame while putting the bird in the hot oil.

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Yeah!!  What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^ !




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Great advice Bob icon14.gif

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Chef JJ,correct me if I am wrong.....


What I feel you are doing is developing a "Pellicle" on the surface of the bird, in that case you should let it drip dry for a few minutes and pat it dry before introduction to the hot oil.


I just posted a fryer thread on Gen. Disc. forum about this, read it and you should be all goodbiggrin.gif

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Why not smoke it for a couple of hours first, then fry it?

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I'm about to deep fry a turkey for the first time too. I'm smoking one using the buttermilk brined recipe from the newsletter, and I am going to deep fry another one too. Got one sitting in the buttermilk brine right now. I think I'm about to run out and buy another turkey, a deep fryer, and do the buttermilk brine on that one too. Guess I'll go look for that thread on the general section and see if I can find out how to deep fry a turkey, lol.

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Slim, if you decide to fry the Birds, look on the General Discussion forum for my safe frying hint.biggrin.gif


Please be careful and enjoy you Holiday, not suffering in a Hosp. bed.police2.gif


Have fun and..

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Well I did it.

I followed the recipe in the newsletter for the buttermilk brined smoked turkey. I smoked that one.

I also ran out at the last minute (day before Thanksgiving) and bought a turkey (already thawed) and a deep fryer.

I injected it with a butter creole marinade, seasoned it with a creole seasoning, and put some butter mixed with Jeff's rub under the skin. I let it sit in the fridge all night.

They both turned out great. I can't believe how fast it is to deep fry a turkey. Putting it in and taking it out is kind of difficult, but other than that it was pretty simple.

I think I liked the taste of the smoked bird a little better. That could have been the recipe, or it could have been the smoke. Considering one took under an hour, and the other took around 12 hours (it was windy) I think the deep fryer will be a viable solution in the future.

My smoker isn't going anywhere. I'll still be smoking Turkeys and everything else, as often as possible. I usually do 2 Turkeys though, and now I'm thinking I'll only smoke 1 and deep fry the other.

By the way, the deep fryer I got is a Butterball indoor electric deal. It has a thermostat and a timer. Just sit it on the counter and you're good. Couldn't be simpler.
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