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New Fridge Build.

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Well I am not sure what happend to the post I put with it, but lets try again. My question here with this being my first build out, is about the heat source, 1500 vs 3000 watts. The inside deminsions on this unit are 3' tall, 16" deep and 19" wide. I will be using a PID to control the heat what ever we deside to go with. I will be using an A-MAZ-N Pellet Smoker for the smoke source. I know 3000 will put out more heat and faster, but with this small of a box would the 1500 get the job done. Thanks in advance for your help. "UP IN SMOKE"

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Started the process on the fridge build. Removed all the plastic and compressor and sanded the unit. Cleaned up quiet nicely. Having the metal cut to replace the old plastic and ordering the heating element and PID. More to come soon.

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What PID are you looking at?


This is my build.  I used the Auber Dual PID. I have the 1550 watt element.  Works awesome!  Hopefully this helps ya.



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Your fridge size is very close to mine....I'm using a 1250 watt element in mine,so far I'm very happy with my preformance.. It will climb and hold @ 300 degrees very nicely,,

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cut a 14 X17 hole in the bottom to lower the heating element. We will drop in a 8" deep fabricated box to lower the element and give us more smoking room. Off to the metal shop for the box build and trim out.  

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Nice, thanks for letting us ride along.

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Looks like a good start!

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I like the idea here.  Looks like you could smoke a lot of meat in that ice box. 

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hows your build coming along?

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That is a cool old frig...I would like to have one like that works and has been restored in my house...Its going to make a great smoker...

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Sonny, I think it is going great right now. This is my first build. I have allways burned wood. I am in the process of cutting metal to trim out the inside of the door where the old plastic was and on the back of the door what will be the inside of the box. I have all the components in to build the PID. I will take a pic of what I have and post it. I hope to have the metal work done before the weekend is out, for I will be working out of town all next week and the build will be on hold a fews days. Thanks for asking and I will update as we make progress.

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Components for PID. Still in the trim out process. I will post pics as soon as I get that completed.

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kewl.gif sound like fun "thanks" and keep us posted

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I shopped CL after looking at some of these older frige builds here at SMF and was shocked at how much people want for their old antique friges working or not.  Bottom.gif


Looks like I won't be able to to an electric smoker build out of one of these for a while now.  New friges are a dime a dozen but IMO they just don't have that snazzy look or potential for build quality like these antiques do.


Thanks for the update.

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I've seen vintage fridges on craigslist in the Seattle area going for anything from free to $100. Keep looking, you'll find something if you're diligent.

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