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Canning pickled eggs

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So I'm interested in getting into canning.  I would like to try canning pickled eggs for non-refrigerated storage.  Is there a way?  I've been scouring the canning forum for eggs, and I found a great brine for pickled eggs, however the person refrigerated them.

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Cubanken, morning.... The National Center for Home Food Preservation does not recommend storing at room temp... here is their site


There are recipes that say it is OK.... personally, I would recommend storing in the refer just to be safe....


I would not want my OBIT to read, "He enjoyed his last pickled egg"... That was a little harsh I think..


Just my opinion on leaning to the safe side of food safety....  by the way, I love pickled eggs... Share your recipe with pictures when you get going on this project.... Dave

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