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The meat even tasted good the next day.  The true test of a Turkey!.

I am using a Weber Kettle with a smokenator.  I may leave out the water the next time to see if decreasing the humidity will help the skin.

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Nice color  looks like a great job

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I've been wondering about using baking soda in the rub or brine. I know it aids in browning bagels and pretzels as it changes the PH of the dough. Looks like a great bird and a successful smoke!!

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I used Baking Powder not Baking Soda.  It may have helped with the color, but the skin did not get crispy.  I may try corn starch next.  Hope that helps Mdboatbum

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I smoked a turkey breast following Jeff Phillipp's instructions and it truly was amazing. I pinched some crispy skin before wrapping in foil and then a towel and letting it stand.  It worked wonders for the moisture and flavors as promised.  However, you are certainly left with soggy skin after that and I know we are all seeking smoking perfection.  Could I then do a quick broil and crisp it up?  Or, put it in the oven at above 400 for a short period of time?  If any of you have found a way to crisp up the skin after wrapping let me know.  Thanks.

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It is interesting if you do a search on youtube "crispy skin turkey" or "crispy skin chicken" you will find most people cannot tell the difference between browned skin and crispy skin. This include famous chefs.


It is very difficult to get true cracklin crispy skin, Peking duck like crispy skin without totally dried up meat.


I think deep frying is the easiest way to have true crispy skin without dry overcooked meat.



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