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Turkey with crispy skin

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To me the best part of the turkey is the skin.  Nice crispy skin.  But this year I want to smoke a turkey.  I have heard that keeping the temperture at 325 helps.  I also heard that baking powder works well.  Have any of you tried the Baking Powder?  I have it in a brine and plan on doing a rub.  I have also heard that putting it in the frig over night helps.  Would you put the rub on it before or after the frig?



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I put the rub on before refrigerating. I set my smoker at 275 for the first couple of hours then back it off to 250 until internal temperature is 180-190. Don't over smoke, 1-1/2 is usually all i go on the smoke . Last one I ded took about 7 hrs for the 13 lb bird. I agree , the skin is the best part. Itll come out fine. You can always put it in the oven on broil for 15 minutes at the end if you have to. Be sure and use a thermometer to check doneness.


Hope this helps.,.,my 2 cents worth.

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I would put the rub on after the fridge so the skin can dry out in the fridge. If your smoker will run at 300-325 you will get crispy skin, especially if you coat it with EVOO before putting the rub on. I have smoke rolling the whole time it's in the smoker. Cook until breast is 165 & thigh is 175. Don't forget the camera! Good luck!

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Hibobm , I have not heard of the Baking Soda thingy, you will have to report how it turns out,with Q-view.pot.gif I would go with Smokinal and cook at a higher temp. for the crisper skin.


IMHO, your turkey will be done at 165*f, the 180* to 190* heats would dry out the Breast. Take the temp. in the thickest part of the Thigh(without touching bone).


Have a safe Holiday and...

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I have not heard of the baking soda thingy either but have heard that if you rub the skin with cornstarch before smoking that it will crisp the skin.  Have not tried this however.

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Never tried the Baking Powder or Cornstarch.

Sounds interesting

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Well I put some baking powder on the skin and it is now sitting in the frig until tonight when I put a rub on it.  We'll see how it turns out.

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Here is what I did.  11 1/2 pound turkey

Monday night brined:  2 gallons water, 2 cups salt, 2 cups brown sugar, 1 cup rub (without salt or sugar)

Wed. morning took out of brine and let sit in frig for 24hours rubbed with baking powder.

Thur 7am took out of frig

11am made a wet rub (1T garlic powder, 1T salt, 1T basil, 1T onion powder, 1T Paprika, 1T brown sugar, 1/2T cumin, 1/2T Old Bay, enough clarified butter to make it into a paste).  Then put on smoker at 325.

Took off at 3.

Results:  Best tasting turkey I have ever had.  A tad salty but not bad.  One sad thing, the skin still did not get crispy!

I am so smoking my turkey next year.

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the best way to get the skin crispy that I have found is to bast with a fat. Like EVOO or melted butter. The fat in these help to crisp the skin.

Your Bird looks great.
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Looks good from here - nice job

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looks great.

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Sorry forgot one or two things

First.  The rub went under the skin and on the legs and wings.  Then I used clarified butter directly on the skin.

Second.  I did a beer can turkey.  a 32oz mason jar with a good beer.  Most moist turkey I have ever seen.

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I put a butter mixture under the skin, I used a pound and evoo on the outside.  I get very crispy skin

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Your bird looks great

Perfect color too.


The skin can be tricky, but I'm glad it worked out well for ya  beercheer.gif

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Looks Like you did a good job, could not ask for a better looking bird 

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I have tried different temps to get the skin crisp...I get best result with Smoking/Roasting....225*F until  155*F IT in the Breast then into an Oven at 425*F until 165*F and Great Crispy Skin....JJ

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It looks real good from here!

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