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see the Captain does work....qview

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pvbbqpork 006.JPGpvbbqpork 003.JPGpvbbqpork 002.JPG

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Looks like you nailed it.drool.gif

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Looks good! Never doubted it, just wondered how. beercheer.gif

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oh captain my captain! make me  tasty sandwich!

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Looks great 

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You used Captain Morgan?  Looks amazing.

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There's nothing wrong with that!  Looks outstanding, and bet it tasted the same!  GOOD JOB!

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Captain mixed with something else? or just Captain?  Looks really good!

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Now that's some awesome looking PP!

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Love that pit where did you get it?

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Very nice PP, I guess the captain does work 77.gif



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thanks! for those that was askin if i used captain morgans .... not on this smoke...on this smoke i used just apple juice,  although 1 part captain morgans to 3 parts apple juice is REALLY good to spritz with.......i was actually refering to my new smoker which i have named "The Captain" to ETC01... that is a smoker that i had a guy custom build for me.....he is located in FT. Worth, TX....i will be honest i have never seen a pit with the box underneath, and in speaking with this gentleman he swears by it.... i finally bit the bullet and gave it a go... im still learning it as it is really touchy on the vent settings but hey thats half the fun aint it.... it does everything u want it to do!... ill be loadin it up with a bunch of turkeys and 2 hams that i have to deliver  tommorow so ill try and post some qview of all the birds and hams....

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Good luck FNG!  You are gonna do great work.  Looking forward to the Q-View.  Enjoy!popcorn.gifHappy Thanksgiving.

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