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MES 30 for $99.99

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They have a propane and electric for same price, I can't seem to find the electric posted on their site. I know its common for stores to bring in models that they normal don't carry for these sales was just wondering what i might be looking at. Maybe an analog?

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Analog or digital would be a steal at that price. I have a digital MES30 and I bought my father in law an analog. I like cooking with both.

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Anyone know exactly what model this is? I am looking at it and don't see a side chip loader like I am used to seeing on a MES. So my question is, is this a cheapo discontinued model that they are selling saying its "discounted" when it really isn't? Also how would a AMNPS work in this model if there is no side chip loader to pull out for a draft?


Hopefully i get some answers soon so i can decide if i need to take the trip today.

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Model Number is 20070111.


Got one for my first smoker. Christmas is coming. Wife told me to go pick one up. So I did. Should be fun. No side loading chip tray and only 2 trays. Mine will be unused til X-Mas.


User manual is available on their site just enter the model number.

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