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imagescristall.jpgI can see a 65 miles trip coming in your future

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Ha Ha. Thanks for the tip guys. I'm gonna look for a cardreader on amazon today and hopefully save myself the trip to wally world in Polson. Everything is better with pictures thats for sure.   Justin


PS. Looking at everyone's locations is pretty darn cool. Who knew that smoking meat was an international addiction.

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Ok, finally got a card reader. Been smoking fatties for friends and neighbors a lot lately. Decided to make one for myself a few days ago. Rolled the sausage out in a zip loc and still managed to not get it very square. I decided not to worry about it.026.JPG

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I usually figure the bacon weave will right any wrongs I may have made in the fatty rolling phase. Problem is, I ran out of bacon so had to space the slices farther apart than normal. Plus, the bacon was irregular lengths. Again, I decided not to worry about it.



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On to the smoker. 028.JPG

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coming along nicely.


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Bout time to pull this baby.


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and Voila! A basic pizza fatty. Pizza sauce, mozz and cheddar cheese, peperoni, mushrooms and spinach. After one bite I forgot all about the unsquareness of the sausage and general ugliness of the bacon weave.


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Oh yeah!!!   Smoky, you have redeemed yourself!!!


"Making them and giving them away to the neighbors, and then...,  finally made one for myself"?   ...you have a lot more will power than myself, fatties are inhaled in our house!


One small tip that will help with the blow outs, you might try wilting the spinach in a pan before adding to the fatty, heat a small amount of butter or oil in a frying pan and toss spinach until wilted, not to long, just until it shrivels, that way you can add much more spinach, ...did I say I love spinach, ...works for quiches too.   biggrin.gif


Happy New Year,






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I can't figure out how to post multiple pics in one post but i've decided not to worry about that either. I know this is a fatty forum, but last night was too good to not share.

Started off with a batch of Dutch's wicked beans. Only thing I'd do different is not scrape as much of the seeds and membrane from the japs. I would have preferred a little more heat, but they were still insanely good.



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Onto the low rack on my smoker...


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Seems like something was missing from that last pic. Oh yeah, the ribs.


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for multiple pics in each post. After the pics URL has loaded into the reply box just hit "enter" a couple of times (gives a space between pics). That will move your cursor down a couple of lines and then you just click on insert pic again. chose and submit your pic and after the URL loads then you hit enter again acouple of times for the next pic... See if that helps

Fatties are looking awesome
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And done. I'd include a plate pic but a) my camera battery died and b) you folks would probably accuse me of over the top braggadocio. icon_lol.gif

Trust me, the ribs were excellent and the beans were incredible. They were my first attempt at smoking something other than ribs, fatties and abts. I seriously recommend them if you havn't tried em.


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Thanks Gene! Also, thanks for the spinach tip. I will utilize that one for sure. I'm a spinach lover as well and that has been an issue dang near every time I make a fatty. I want as much spinach in there as possible!

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jkdnls07. And thank you for your tip. I'll give it a try for sure.

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Everything looks awesome, glad you got the photo thing worked out.


Pretty nice pile of wood you have there too!

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In fact, i'll give it a try later today jkdnls07. I've got another half rack of spare ribs that are rubbed and ready to go. Heck, I'll just keep posting rib pics in the fatty thread just to be a rebel.

Have a fun and safe new years eve. I figure i'll be pulling the ribs off the smoker around 10:30 PM, have a beer while they rest for a bit, warm up some jeff's bbq sauce and go to town on round two of ribs and leftover dutch's beans. Speaking of bbq sauce, I made up a batch a few days ago. Dang that stuff is good. Thanks Jeff!030.JPG

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Thanks Al! The 'pic is worth a thousand words' thing is very true when it comes to smoking and bbqing. Happy New Year.     Justin

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Great job!


Good luck and good smoking.

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