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Pig Sandwich...

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I think I may have started something...made my pig sandwich for co-workers last year for the day before Thanksgiving. They elected me to do them again this year,lol...PP,bacon,ham,and sausage!!!Tastes so GOOD!!!


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Sounds like a tasty sandwich - is that BBQ sauce on three too?

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WOW I see why they want it again!


Looks delicious!

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I'll take 2 errrrrr 6 ! Man that looks great.

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drool.gifdrool.gifdrool.gifdrool.gifdrool.gif I love bacon..and pp.. and ham!! I want some
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We use a variation of the SoFla finishing sauce (add more red pepper flakes) and just a touch of my wifes bbq sauce. The plate we serve has the sandwich,jalapeno potato salad, and ranch beans for $5..We sell 40 plates to cover our cost and to help seed other cookouts during the year!! Gotta keep my fellow mechanics happy!!!!

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That looks great! drool.gif



Jalapeno potato salad sounds good too.

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Butts ready to go on.....100_2563.JPG


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