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turkeys for work

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this is my 2nd year for smoking turkeys for work they wanted a 20# but I felt better doing 2 12# I used the slaughterhouse brine and put some honey in it this is my first time using this brine I decided not to inject this time ok time for the show


in the brine for the night

turkeys for work 001.jpg


rub on and ready for the smoker


turkeys for work 002.jpg


2 hours in  and some pork loins to take to our thanks giving dinner I will be doing a post on them to


turkeys for work 003.jpg


done and resting


turkeys for work 004.jpg


more pic. in a bit

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Boy they look great! Nice color!!

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They do have an awesome color drool.gif



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Those look fantastic!!

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Gobble gobble!!!



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O Man those ARE awesome . Nice work !  Just the right color and everything.

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That's a beautiful set of Twins you got there Coyote !!!!




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Awesome work. Those look great

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got it all cut up and ready to go


turkeys for work 005.jpg


thank you guys I hope they like it

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Wow yote!

That pan of goodness would never make it to the door!


You have more will power than I do

      Great job my friend thumb1.gif

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The birds look awesome. I know they will love them at work.

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Nice color!

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thank you all 

they loved it

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