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First Roast Beef

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We went to Panera Bread for lunch the other day and had their Asiago Roast Beef and Lorrie thought it was out of this world, I agreed it was really good, but $8 for a sandwich.


Asiago Roast Beef

Oven-roasted beef, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions & creamy horseradish sauce, on our Asiago Cheese Demi.



When we were at Target yesterday Lorrie saw Asiago Flat Bread, call me over and we both said  Asiago Roast Beef Sandwiches. I couldn't remember which cut was best for Roast Beet so I picked a Top Round Roast @ 5.25 per pound a little pricy, but a lot better than $8 per sandwich. We finished up our shopping and ran home.




Coated the roast with Worcester’s sauce and a med coat of Montreal Steak, wrap and in the frig for a hour. I know overnight would be better, but my mouth was watering.


2011-11-19 18.35.40.jpg


Place the roast in the 230 degree preheated smoker @ 6:30.


2011-11-19 19.58.08.jpg


7:30 IT 135 degree, wrapped in foil to rest for 30 min.


2011-11-19 21.34.19.jpg


At 8 PM


2011-11-19 21.56.47.jpg


Lorrie's comment " Fantabulous "


2011-11-19 22.02.52.jpg





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Looks awesome Tom!

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It is close to lunch here and now nothing will satisfy me.  Thanks!  LOLhelp.gif

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Nice Job...Great looking Sammie!...JJ

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Great looking Roast Beef, I'll bet it tasted better than the $8 sandwich too.


Congrats on your first Roast Beef


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Nice lookin pile o cow right there!


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Looks great!!



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WOW is all I can say !!!!

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

Great looking Roast Beef, I'll bet it tasted better than the $8 sandwich too.



It sure did and the free ones we had for lunch today was even better.

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I can only say yummydrool.gif

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I'll take two of those. They look fabulous. I have some in the freezer I may have to make some of those sandwiches.

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Looks Mighty Tasty From Here, Tom!!!!!



Oh Yeah!!!




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Now That's what I'm talkin about....looks great ! Ya'll makin me hungry again.

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