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Rnd 2 Fried Green Tomatoes

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So this time I tried half corn starch and half corn meal. That didn't work out so well as all the corn starch stuck to the slices and not the corn meal...So I went with 1 part corn starch to 3 parts corn meal.. That worked out pretty well



Threw some Pasta and a cheese sauce together and there ya go


Gotta say.. they were pretty good in corn meal as well... One thing I did notice, I didn't have to clean the pan out at all. So I guess It's the flour that turns black after a batch or 2...
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Those look great!


It must be a southern thing, but cornmeal is a little gritty for me.  I sometimes grind it down just a touch and mix in a little flour. I guess I could just buy corn flour, but I don't like it that fine?


For the burnt part, I am with you.  I quite often omit the flour when braising because of the mess it makes when I want to use the remains to finish the dish. 


Good luck and good smoking.

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They sure look good Kieth!

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I love FG tomatoes and those look yummy!


I like to use the Hoovers hush puppy mix.

It coats the whole slice and has an awesome crunch.


Thanks for sharing icon14.gif

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