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It looks prudy just sit`n there. Does it work? Looks real clean on the inside... Nice cooker...

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BTW, That weld, at the top of the hot box near the center, isn't centered.


Seriously though, that is a nice smoker and everyone that posted will agree. The comments about "will / does it work" and "sure is clean", well that's just our way of saying we like your smoker and welcome aboard, now let's see some food!


P.S. You might want to reconsider your screen name. You may not wish to be the FNG when you get a couple hundred posts under your belt.

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yes it is a gravity weight... the whole smoker is HEAVY... it took 6 of us (all big ol boys) to lift it the 4 or so inches up onto my patio.. i actually just picked this one up last saturday so its brand spankin new... i have cooked just 2 butts in it and tinkered with the vents just to test it...... ill be honest while talking with the builder i was concerned about stepping outside the box on the normal off set fire box, but what cooking/testing i have done it by far exceeds my expectations!!.....i would really let this one go on a straight up trade for a smoker on a trailer, although i know that aint gonna happen....

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I'll put my UDS on a trailer and be there in a day or two..

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lol i bet u would....

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maybe one day ill graduate from the FNG status.... i will be doin a big smoke tues night... right now i have 11 birds and 2 hams to cook, and by my measurements i still have plenty of room on bottom rack and the top rack will be out!!! if i can remember ill fire up yall some qview, and show yall that captains do work lol... thanks for the compliments on the smoker...its been a long time comin and im as happy as can be with my new toy!...

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Looking forward to seeing it in action!




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Originally Posted by jjwdiver View Post

Looking forward to seeing it in action!






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Looks like you could feed an infantry division with that one.  Looks huge!  I can see you are going to do some serious smoking on that one!

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Now that shore is purty!popcorn.gif  I can hardly wait for some Q-view.

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Great looking smoker.  I am going to move this thread so look under smoker builds.

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