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Propane smoker for cold weather?

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Anyone have any suggestions on a good propane smoker for less than $200 that would work good in the cold Iowa winters?   My Masterbuilt electric's heating element recently gave out so I'm looking to switch to a new propane instead.  I looked at a couple cheaper ones at Menards, but they didn't seem to have any insulation, not sure if that makes any difference or not.  Thought maybe someone here may know of a good one.

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^^^^ Yep. I have an old 3405GW, 16" x 34", 13,500 BTU burner...never had trouble getting up to temp...300 - 325* even @ -20* ambient and a bit of wind.


The 3405BGW, 20" x 34" has a 18,000 BTU burner...should be able to run even hotter than the small GOSM.


Either one are a very good buy.




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I can't think of any propane  rigs that will come with any type of insulation. I wouldn't be surprised if someone made  one but  all of them that I have ever seen don't have any insulation.

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