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New MES - Pics of setup / Mods

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Here is my new MES with the chimney mod I did. 3" to 4" converter up to 4" elbow. Took the top damper adjuster off (just loosen inside nut) and the 3" end fits in SNUG so it requires no additional support. Added 4" cap to top to keep bugs out when not in use. Hope this helps the draw as others have described. Only question is would it be better to use 3" all way up? Let me know what you guys think.


Also put the 12x12 tile in bottom right corner, and added rock briquettes to my drip pan. Gonna smoke sum butts later today with the AMNPS for TBS so will update more pics then... Thx for lookin...


NJDawg  thumbsup.gif



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Way to go Dawg, I did a similar mod to my SFB smoker and it works well.   It did improve the draw of it for my smoker. Mine was done to get the vent above the roof line to prevent smoke from getting into the soffit vents.  The home boss appreciated it.  wife.gif


You did really good work!!first.gif

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It looks really good!


Have you tried it with the briquettes in the pan yet?


If so how did they work?

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Curious to see how the briquettes in the pan work as well.

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Just put briquettes in there earlier today, planning on putting 17 lb of butt in there @ 3-4 pm today so I will document the heat recovery and post pics and results. I have a "stoker" electronic heat controller I use for my Egg, so I can chart the box and meat temp for the entire cook and look at to see how it did. Thx for the compliments, just learning here but I am a perfectionist so expect to see numerous iterations of the same mods until I am happy. thumb1%20copy.gif

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Update... Loaded up AMNPS, let butts warm up to room temp, put all in MES... Away We go!!  Already seeing TBS from the AMNPS - Great product so far!!








MES Loaded.JPG





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Looking forward to seeing the results...I see a MES in my future!...JJ

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Posted some new pics but on hold as I am new member. Hopefully be up soon. Sitting here watching nice TBS from the AMNPS!
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looks_great.png  Lookin forward to your next pics, how're the briquettes workin? 

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Sweet !

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