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Happy birthday Mark!!

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Today is MBalli3011 birthday..


From yer pal in North Fl!!




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Have a good one mark.............................icon14.gif



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Happy Birthday Mark!!!


Here's some Ribs for your B'day:




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Happy Birthday....How many this make?...JJ

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Happy Birthday!

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3011?  I had no idea he was that old?


Happy Birthday to a great guy!


Good luck and good smoking.

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BD.gif,Mark. Hope it's a good one with all you wanted and more.\


Stan and Trish    aka    oldschool

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Mark... so you are another year wiser..... and what everyone else said.... Dave

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Happy Birthday Mark

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Well Thanks alot guys and girls for the birthday wishes. I'm having fun running around New York City and just ate at Hill Country BBQ in the east village. Let me tell you they had THE best beef and spare ribs that I have ever eaten. Yes I said it "The Best" that I have eaten. We are just running around from restaurant to restaurant. Next up is The Meatball Factory then it's M Wells to finish off the Birthday Feast. So thanks again.

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Happy B-day Buddy, hope you enjoy it up there in the Big city. Just don't try there Salsa.

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happy_birthday_new.jpgHappy birthday

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Happy BDay Mark! hope ya have a great day!!!
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Happy Birthday Man!!! Heres To Ya!!!  ~  \_/ ~  CLINK!!  NAAHH!!! Lets Make It A Double!! 

~\_/ \_/ ~ You've Earned It!! CLINK...GULP.....AAAAHHHH!!!!



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Happy Birthday Mark - I hope you are enjoying the weekend!




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Happy birthday Mark! Have a great weekend!

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Happy Birthday Ya Old Fart. Take the day off and have some fun.

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Have a great day my friend.

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Happy Birthday Mark, and from the sound of it, it is turning out to be a really good one.



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