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A New Toy

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Today, I was out picking up a truck load of seasoned Cherry, Pecan and Oak wood for my Lang 36............




Went by Sam's Club and couldn't resist picking up one of these...........




Thanks goes out to my daughter for telling me about it!


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 Wow , I had a grill like that in Mexico ( I'm sure it was a knock off )  I loved it ...BUT one day  while in a store I found a small Weber ( a real Weber ) and snapped it up

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Now that's a cool little grill!

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I like thatLooks-Great.gif

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nice find can't wait to see what you have cooking....icon14.gif

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That's cool,similar to what I'm doing with found stuff:


my grill project 001.JPG


my grill project 002.JPG


my grill project 003.JPG


Don't know what the matal pan was for,but it's a grill now(or gonna be).yahoo.gif


Have fun and....

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I'd been wanting a fire pit to sit around in the yard and when seeing this one was designed to cook on too. I didn't even think about it. LOL


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I have been seeing those at Sam`s club and thought about buying one for myself....Nice toy looks like you found some wood.....

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Wood was advertised as 25 pieces for $10. Called the guy (he runs a tree service) he told me he would give me 30 for $10. I told him I wanted a total of $100 bucks worth (300 pc.) but then he loaded about 400 pieces. I was very happy and he is now my bbq wood guy!

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Great Score!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nice, seen some similar in the past but that one is tricked out!  Great score, send photos of how it cooks.icon14.gif

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