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Bactoferm LHP question

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I have used encapsulated citric acid in my summer sausage before but in the end I wasn't totally happy with the results.  It tasted okay and was easy to use but I was looking for a more authentic profile in my summer sausage. 


I am thinking of using the Bactoferm LHP culture.  My process for this summer sausage will probably look like this:


  1. Grind my ratio of meat
  2. mix in spices, cure, and dextrose
  3. start and add starter culture to mixture
  4. stuff into casings and hang them in smoker
  5. Set smoker to 90F and hold......
  6. Raise temp and smoke until internal reaches 160F then finish


The question I have is how long to hold at the 90F?  I don't have a PH meter.  Is there a rule of thumb with the LHP culture?  Any other tips?



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You might want to read up on the bactoferm line before you add to your SS. LHP is more for pepperoni that can take some time to cure.


What did you not like about the ECA?

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I was thinking of using the LHP for flavor the SS only.  I'm not going to cure with it.  Just trying something new instead of the EC.


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Ya might want to try fermento from the Sausage Maker or maybe some buttermilk.

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I'm with Dan and Rick on this one. I think you may get some of the flavor you want but unless you are willing to allow the meat to fully ferment (2 days at 80 - 100* F) I suspect it won't be quite what you are looking for. I use both NFDM and ECA in my summer sausage and get a pretty decent flavor profile with a good amount of tang. Even so, give it a try and see what happens. I would try at least 12 hours in 80 - 100* range before raising temps for cooking.

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Bactoferm is not a curing agent, its for fermentation only.

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Cultures are not something u want to just try.  U need to hold it at 90-104 degrees for at least 30 hours.  U need to control humidty.  Be very careful!

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Originally Posted by doctord1955 View Post

Cultures are not something u want to just try.  U need to hold it at 90-104 degrees for at least 30 hours.  U need to control humidty.  Be very careful!


Why do you say that? Once the cooking process starts the bacteria from the culture will be killed and wouldn't pose any danger.

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Solaryellow, you got it.  My PID will help me hold the 95F unit I get there (the time will be a guess because I dont' have a ph meter).  The meat will be cured prior.  I will then ramp up to 170F until my IT hit 156F.


My big question is how long in the 95F phase to get to that mystery tang of awesomness?!


In the long run I'm probably making more work than I need to but I thought it might me interesting to use the culture (I have always used ECA in hte past).  There really is a difference.  Try it side by side.  My wife couldn't tell the difference but you guys could!  biggrin.gif

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According to the Bactoferm LHP instructions 80 - 100* for 48 hours should be about right for a full ferment. Since you plan on cooking it I don't believe that humidity is that big of a deal since you aren't looking to dry cure it.

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you could also use salami conditioner to get the tang you are looking for.

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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

What made you pick LHP??







Picked LHP because of the inherent speed.  Literature stated LHP acts at a faster metabolic pace compared to the other ones.  Other ideas?


Thanks everybody for the tips!  I will follow up with the results.


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