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Whitetail hind quarter ham

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Hello everyone! I'm wanting to make a ham out of a whitetails hind quarter and needed some recipes on or a how to on making it. I made it a few times using a brine from PS Seasonings website but it always tastes to salty to me. I had a friend I worked with that his uncle gave him one every year and that thing tasted just like you bought it from the store, it had a sweet maple flavor threw out with a hint of smoke. That's what I'm looking for :)




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Try Pop's brine!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Try Pop's brine!

Cant find can you link it.... Thanks!


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Pops is the best!

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Cure with mortons TQ following the directions for measurements and time as described on the package. I normally make pastrami outta my back hams. Smoke to an internal of 180* and let rest in double foil, add some ham broth while resting. You can add any rub to the outside you would like before you smoke, you could also apply a glaze, but it might get lost in the resting period if you apply before then.

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