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2nd cook on Lang, best BB ribs I've ever had QView

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Alright gents, I cooked some baby back ribs, 2 hens and 2 chickens in my 36 yesterday and I must say these ribs were friggin delicious! Now I'm not gonna act like the smoker did it all because a few months before I got the Lang I cooked the best spare ribs I've ever cooked on my Bar-B-Chef, however my wife and I agreed that last nights baby backs blew those out of the water!


I made a rub from scratch, with my new spices and grinder, a recipe from Paul Kirks Championship Barbecue book. It's a mostly sweet rub with brown sugar being the main ingredient. The rub is titled simply enough Barbecue Pork Rub, and that was just jaw dropping good in our opinions. It was my wife and I and my friend who has been smoking for about a year now. We all just thought these ribs were great. I left two racks dry and glazed up one rack with KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce and the rub made the sauce just taste even better. The Ribs started falling apart when I was moving them towards the end of the cook. The 2 racks without the sauce, broke in two when I grabbed them to pull them out. The meat was just falling off the bone. I did not wrap them in foil as I usually don't, maybe next time I will pull them out a little earlier though for some more tug. My wife loves the fall off the bone tender, I just prefer a bit of tug.


Being my 2nd smoke on the Lang I wanted to work at being better, so I tried to maintain + or - 5* from 250*F. I did a really good job at keeping it consistent throughout the whole smoke, about three times I varied out of my zone but quickly got it back in. I had some trouble towards the end with my splits. A few splits just didn't want to burn, they lit up and then after I closed the firebox door they died down to a low flame and smoldered. I know some of the wood is not as dry as it could be, but some of the pieces that did were from my order from Fruita Wood Chunks and everything from them prior has burned great.


The 2 chickens are for my mom and the 2 hens might get thrown in the freezer, not sure yet. I seasoned those with a Weber rub my mom got me titled Kickin' Chicken. It has a lot of crushed red pepper in it, possibly some rosemary, it smelled awesome while it was cooking.






The florescent lighting didn't let the camera capture the smoke ring but had deep penetration. On this rib you can faintly see the red but in person, down to the bone was smoke ring.




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Looks amazing, care to share the rub recipe you used?

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Yeah I'll throw it on later, gotta meet the wife for a work ceremony. If its not up tonight PM me and I'll make sure I get on it.


I might have the time now if I can type fast enough...


for those who have the book pg 124 Barbecue Pork Rub, (P. Kirk)

makes about 1.5 cups


1 generous cup firmly packed light brown sugar, dried

2 tblsp sweet hungarian paprika

1 tblsp dry mustard

1 tblsp onion salt

1 tblsp celery salt

1 tblsp chilli seasoning, homemade or store bought (i made homemade)

1 tblsp seasoned salt, homemade or store bought (i used lawry's)

1 tblsp freshly ground black pepper


Chili seasoning pg 116

2 large dried pasilla chilis, preferably leathery not brittle

1 dried ancho chile, preferably leathery not brittle

1 tblsp fine sea salt

1 tblsp granulated garlic

1 tblsp dried oregano leaves

1 tblsp ground cumin

1/2 tspn ground coriander

1/2 tspn ground allspice

1/4 tspn ground cloves


1. Remove the stems and seeds from the chiles. You should have about 1 ounce of flesh. Tear the chiles into small pieces and place the in a small dry skillet over low heat, stirring, until you can smell them and they crackle, about 2 mins. Remove from the heat and let cool completely.


2. Once the chiles are cool, transfer them to a small spice grinder, add the salt, and grind until fine Combine in a small bowl with th remaining ingredients and blend well.


The Baron of Barbecue's Seasoned Salt pg 108

1 cup non-iodized salt

1/4 cup sweet hungarian paprika

2 tblsp dry mustard

2 tspn dried thyme leaves

2 tspn dried marjoram leaves

2 tspn garlic powder

2 tspn mild curry powder

2 tspn ground celery seeds

2 tspn onion powder

1 tspn dillweed

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Looks great Ray!

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looking good!

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Great looking Ray. May I suggest parusing my Kiwi on stickburning 101... some hints you may want to try.


Have fun and...

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great looking grub you have there.. bet it was tasty.... Have fun and Happy smoking

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NOthing wrong with ANY of that!  GREAT work!  Good job on th Q-view too!

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Looks good Ray.  I see the plate got well cleaned.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks great. Congrats on the smoker again
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Great job

Thanks for posting the rub recipe



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Everyone, thanks for looking icon_smile.gif


oldschool I read your wiki before I even ordered the Lang, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I will probably read it again now that you mention it.

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

Great job

Thanks for posting the rub recipe



No problem man, it might become my personal favorite, haha. But there are so many more recipes in this book and his book that is designed to give you the tools to create your own rubs and sauces.

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Nice looking tray of goodies there Ray!!!!!


Great looking ribs Too !!!


Am I right in assuming those two little bones at the end were for me?!?!



Thanks a lot Buddy !!!




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Very nice.  glad you are enjoying the lang.   

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raymo76:  did you use the pork rub on these ribs from paul kirk's book?


i just got Paul kirk"s book and was just looking at that page (p124).



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I have that book also. Pretty good stuff in there!!!!!!!

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Barbecue Pork was the recipe, forgot what page its on, but that's what I've been using on everything pork since the first time I tried it.

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