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Smoke temps for bacon??

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I have been pondering smoking my own bacon, but with the onset of winter weather, I have at least 1 question.

I have the AMNS, so I have smoke. I'm thinking that I can smoke a bacon in my weber kettle in outside temps in the 20's, with no heat applied......just smoke. What do you think????

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A bunch of folks here smoke bacon without heat.


I run mine at 100 for no particular reason.



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like Craig, I run mine around 100*.  It picks up a really nice smoke around that temp.  I believe Bearcarver advocates 130*, and I have had some nice results around that range too.  I agree w/ Chef: 20* is awfully low.  You could put a hot plate in the smoker to get your heat up just a tad.  I know that when I burn dust for smoke, my smoker temp floats around 80* if the ambient temp is 60-70*, so you will prolly get a little temp boost from the AMNS.

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I live in Florida so I don't know what 20 degrees is like. I cold smoke all our bacon, but the smoker temp is usually hovering around 80 degrees with the AMNPS supplying the only heat.

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I keep mine under 100*...At least I tryto.

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I don't have near the experience most of the folks around here do, so take this with a grain of salt... 


I started cold smoking bacon this summer, trying to keep temps below 100, as has been mentioned here.  Having a lazy streak, I decided it was too much work to keep changing ice blocks, so I quit until this fall.  I did a mess a couple of weeks ago with temps between 40 and 60.  The biggest thing I noticed is that the bacon just doesn't seem to take on color as quickly when it's cooler.  I have to wonder if there isn't a temp at which the absorption of the smoke/flavor slows down because of the coolness...  These chunks just haven't taken on the coloration like the ones this summer did.  Once I get the skin off, I'll stick them back in for another go 'round.  After resting in the fridge for a few more days, I'll see how they taste.

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Thanks to one and all for your feedback.

When you.....( I ).... think about it, warm meat should be more acceptable to absorbing smoke. I have electric smoker ( brand name withheld because it is junk ) and will see if it will hold a 100 to 140 temp and then I will try. Otherwise, it  will be spring time before I attempt home smoked home smoked bacon.

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I've never smoked under 40°

I would think your bacon would freeze and not take on much smoke

In the winter, I set my MES at 100° to warm up, and then shut it off.  When the temps drops to 50° or so, I set it back to 100°




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The smoker temps need to be above freezing. At temps over 100 degrees the fat will start rendering. Personally I like temps of 50-100

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