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Another noob MES 30 vs. 40 thread...

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I've read through a lot of the 30v40 threads, but none have mentioned some of what I'm going to ask (that I saw), so I'm gonna ask here.....


When I smoke's typically for no more than 4 people at once with occasionally +2 adults.  Would you see a need to upgrade to the 40 from the 30?  What are the added benefits?  Drawbacks?


Granted, this is all hinging on the black friday sale.  If I can't do that, then back to Sam's for the $299 40.

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I am very happy with my 30...


It has made lots of great food and never been able to not feed 6 from it.


Get an AMAZEN when you get one either way.



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Go with the 40 if you can afford it, that way you have no regrets.

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Get the most you can afford. That way you always have the flexability to do something larger if needed. Once you start people are going to ask you to smoke for them 

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I agree for a little extra money you can get the 40. You will like the extra space & at times I'm sure you will use it.



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I agree with the 40 thats what my next one will be because of the room inside...

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It's all about affordability.  **IF** I cannot get the black friday MES30, then I **WILL** get the Sam's $299 MES40.


I guess what the "ask" is (and has been answered to a degree) is should I just hold off for the 40 til after New Year (tax return) with the possibility of being asked to smoke for others (so far, haven't yet) or try my damndest to get the BF sale?

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I'd just save up and get the 40 from Sams, I wish that's what I would have done, but I still love the one I have now, I just wish I had the extra room, just in case. I've filled up my Masterbuilt extra wide before, but it's not insulated so I won't be using it in cold weather, but at least when it's nice out I have 2 smokers I can use, so it's not that big of a deal for me.

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I know you don't want to, but if you can wait & get the 40.

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Hate to bump an old thread....but seems that the Sam's by us no longer carries the 40 and dunno when they'll be getting more (if at all).


Lowe's has the 30 for ~$149.  Since we're a non-pork household, we do more beef, especially brisket.  My question is are the shelves in the 30 big enough to hold a standard ~11-12lb packer (dimensions about 8"Wx17"L)?

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