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tell me what you think.

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I just had some beer brats made up out of a deer I shot and they are by far not very good. I used a different butcher then we normally do cause I didn't think I was gettin fair prices but his stuff has always been very good.


so this is what I am thinking of doing if it can be done. Do you think I can take in my beer brats and have them made into smoked sausage by the guy I normally use? the brats are fresh so I don't think they used any cure in them and I really think that they didn't use any spices either. They were supposed to be pepper jack beer brats but they have no other taste to them buy deer meat. They are all frozen in freezer paper so do you think this can be done?

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My first question is, "What do you need a butcher for?"   Do it yourself and experiment. Find what YOU like.




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I plan on starting to do all my own soon gonna get a grinder and stuffer and read a lot more first.

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The new butcher can take the meat out of the casing reseason add cure make new sausage and smoke it...then freeze them again...He should have safe handling practices so little health risk but you should take great care to defrost and cook properly as well...JJ

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X2.  Doing it this way will require very careful handling.


Lots of great info on this site about doing it the correct way from the beginning.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I was gonna bring them the frozen brats and let them do it.

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Insert old saying here... "You Get What You Pay For".... or..... "Spend The Money And Cry Once"... give him a call and see what he says.. Sorry It didn't turn out for you onthe first go around
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I really think they forgot to put the spices in cause the Italian sausage they made at the same time with the same deer meat is very good.

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Give them a call... cook a piece and take it with you to let them try it... they should fix you up at no cost If it was there mistake...GL
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I agree give them a taste. See what they think.

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Same here.




Uncase them and add your own ingrediets.

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if I had a stuffer I would do that but I dont so I cant. soon I will buy all the needed equipment to make all my own

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Contact them, give them a chance to see if they made a mistake .  If the are a good locker plant they will fix the problem.  Have u ever had beer brats made from deer before?

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My dad always said the best advertising was word of mouth and it was also the worse!

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ya I have brats made up every year by another guy and they are very good but I kinda think that guy keeps some meat for him self and charges me top $ to make the stuff. So that is why I tried the new place I found.


I emailed them but have not heard back yet I will keep you all up to date on this ad see how it turns out.

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