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My 1st pork butt in my NEW smoker

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New being a relative term at this point... but I am doing my first pork butt in my char-broil. I am also trying out the minion method for the first time. I have always just added coals whenever needed, but I am hoping not to have to babysit it as much. This leads to my first question, I am sitting around 250 and the intake vent is closed, exhaust open. I can't seem to get the temps to settle down, and I think the new coals are just going to keep it too hot. Suggestions?

Anywho, I have a 7.5 pounder, bone in with a water/drip pan. Here are some pics starting it out, some Q view to come later. I also whipped up a batch of Jeffs rub and that stuff is great. I had the butt in the fridge overnight last night and had made chili for dinner. It got some rub added in too and it was wonderful.












Ok, I am already an hour into my smoke and after maybe 30 minutes or so all of the coals I had put in the basket were lit and temps hit the roof. I left the firebox door open and that kept them around 250 for a while and I am waiting to let it mellow out. I have now closed the door and have the smoker lid cracked to keep it "cooler" once these coals die down, I will go back to babysitting like I am used to. Any idea why it didnt work? I'm lost but have things under control. I'll manage. I think I just started with too many hot coals and not enough unlit.


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>>>>>I think I just started with too many hot coals and not enough unlit.


Sounds like you have it..


It takes a while to cool off.


There is a ton of mods listed here for your smoker..


Good luck!!

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Yeah, I have done the mods. I have a coal box built, a damper and extended the exhaust. I am going to leave it how it is because I grill more than I smoke but either way. The temps are good now and I have resumed the smoke. Live and learn I guess, it is what it is. I figureI need to just smoke more. The only other thing I did was some beef jerky but that was awesome. Yeah yeah, you go. I only managed to get the final product.





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  looks like you are getting it. Remember, practice makes perfect!  Keep it up, it only gets better.




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OK, wait. New question. How do you preheat the smoker with only a few coals? It takes a decent amount to preheat but if I add a lot, it will ignite all the coals I have set up for the minion method. Yeah, gonna have to work on that one I guess.

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I have the same smoker and have found that you need a solid bottom on the basket.

If air gets under the coals..........well, you know what happens.


I placed a piece of sheet metal in the bottom of the basket so it only gets air from the sides.


I start with a ½ chimney of burning coals and it usually hits 250º with ease.


Hope this helps 

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Sounds like Rap has your answer.


Great looking jerky!

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I got your thin blue smoke right here...





Ok, all done and pulled for my office lunch. This thing came out amazing, partly due to the rub. I didn't get a picture of the whole thing since I was kinda rushed to pull it, after letting it rest as long as possible. Here is the money shot, sooo good.



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Good job man! Practice makes perfect and gives us yummy food in our bellies! Keep up the good work!

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Looks great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well ladies and gentlemen, I would say we have a success. Everyone really enjoyed my pork and I was very pleased myself. The dish speaks for itself.



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