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Need opinions!!!

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My wife bought a pre-smoked (fully cooked) Butterball to go along with a small Turkey.

It just needs to be heated up.


What about.... You guessed it....


250-275 degress or so in the smoker with some nice hickory??????

Will it dry out?

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You might lay some bacon slices over it for good measure

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i'm thinking the smoke won't penetrate much. all you will do is smoke/cook any rub/souce you put on it. I also think you would have to inject some fluids to keep from drying it probably couldn't smoke it for more than an hour.


just my guess. 

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If you use a temp probe on it and cook smoke it to directions it will tast great and be moist.

I mysesf inject with butter and onion garlic.

It wont be like a cured turkey if that is what you are aiming for but it will be better then the standard Butter Ball.


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It depends on how 'cooked' it got in the first place, but regardless, you will want to bring it up to eatable temp (above 146°, or as recommended on the packaging) and no more or you will dry it out further; adding more smoke flavor shouldn't hurt it at all; how much more will 'stick' is debatable but it should add to the flavor.  I'm sure it will be a great and happy feast!  Enjoy!

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  Be sure to fill your water pan. At least it will make for moist heat.




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Let us know how it turns out!

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all good advice the big to lovingly inform your wife you are the smoke king, not Butterball??<grin>

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

You might lay some bacon slices over it for good measure


I agree with Raptor if you are doing anything but heating it is going to dry out and the bacon will help - I would definitely add a water pan to keep moisture in the box. 

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