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Reheating Pulled Pork

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I have been asked to smoke a pork butt for thanksgiving but its causing a problem due to time contraints. Typically we eat the pork as soon as it is done, but I will need to smoke the pork ahead of time and reheat it before Thanksgiving. I was even thinking of smoking the pork on Sunday before thanksgiving and then reheat the meat thanksgiving morning. Has anyone ever done this? Is it safe? Will the pork be just a juicy?

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All the Time....Smoke it, Pull it and Bag it...One hour or so before dinner on TG add it to a Crock Pot with any Drip Pan juices and Apple Cider or your choice of Finishing Sauce...Heat on High until a temp of 165*F then turn down to Low and let it go until you are ready...There are other ways but I'm thinking your Stove and Oven is already being used...JJ

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yeahthat.gif   What JJ said!

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thanks for the help


i think i will go ahead and smoke the meat sunday. prepare as usual and reheat Thanksgiving day using the crock pot. looking forward to some juicy pork

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My wife just puts it in a pan with a little BBQ sauce. Slowly warms it up. Taste great.

If it is frozen in a vacuumed sealed pouch, then just drop it in some boiling water for a bit.

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All the above works well


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What Flash and JJ said.

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I did the crockpot method 2 weeks ago and it turned out fantastic. Nice and juicy and as flavorful as when I finished pulling it the day before.

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