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Yes sausage making is addictive.  There is no 12 step program.  You will never admit you have a problem.  Get use to it!  banana_smiley.gif

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Problem? I don't have a problem! I can stop anytime I want!  Anybody got a good kielbasa recipe? I really Need one!!! Think I'll have brats for lunch....

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looking forward to learning a new skill

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Originally Posted by FLSailor View Post.  My friend NEPAS turned me on to this site.  

We won't hold that against ya Sailor. Welcome aboard.



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Thanks for the offer to help all us new Sausage Maker wanna be's. I am really excited about making my own sausage. So far I have made Italian, Breakfast, Country and Summer sausage. Can you lead me to a good recipe for snack sticks want to make them for Christmas Eve. Right now I only use beef and pork. But eventually I will get into wild game. Thanks in advance.

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Me to Scar...

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