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First Smoke London Broil (I know it’s not the cut) Q-view

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Ok so this was my first smoke with my MES30 and it just so happened that I had a London broil in the fridge so away it went.

I marinated for a little over 24 hours with

1 cup soy sauce

¾ cup Dark brown sugar

¼  cup A-1 sauce

4 tsp Tapatio (IE hot sauce)

2 tsp Black pepper

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

I wanted to inject as well so I left a bit without the black pepper so it wouldn’t clog my needle (over sized ones we use at work in food processing)


I heated up my brand spanking new MES30 (already seasoned) to 220°F and added some wood and away we went! I cooked the meat until the internal temperature was 138°F. I lowered the temp in the smoker to 150°F at let the meat set in there for about 40 extra minutes because I cooked it much faster than I originally thought. Once we were about ready to eat I threw the meat on the gas grill on high just to make it a bit crispy.


I was really supprised how fast this thing cooks, for some reason the mentality was low and slow meant 2-4 hours not 90 minutes. Maybe it’s just the warm California weather; I don’t know it was only 70°F that day.

It sure didn’t stop us from enjoying it!IMGP6862.jpg


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th_dunno-1[1].gif There's nothing here.

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Huh? I’m looking at my post? Is it not visible?

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Looks good from here.

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Looks real good from here "oo", and that finished product looks Great !!!!





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Wow...........that looks great from here too drool.gif


Very nice colorbravo.png

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Looks good to me too. It is amazing how fast they cook, but at that internal temp, it usually does never take long. I pull mine about the same temp, then wrap them in foil for a while. MMMMMM Good. Great job.



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thanks guys, for my first ever smoke i thought i may have picked a tough choice. but it turned out great and everyone enjoyed it. it was super tender and juicy! oh ya and i did let it rest in the foil for about an hour


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Looks awesome for a low fat cut!

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