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Smoker/turkey question

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Hey guys, I will be smoking my turkey in a Brinkman smoke 'n grill Propane smoker. Question....are there any tips and tricks you can give me about this smoker??? Thanks in advance!!

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I have used a Brinkman charcoal unit for turkey with excellent results. Brine it a day or so in advance. There are plenty of brines available. I use no rub, just put it in, turn it on and let it rip. Keep the water pan filled as it boils off. Temp should be about 225, smoke until the internal temp in thigh or deep breast gets to 165. I did a 20  pounder last time and it took 12 hours.  Best ever.


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What Rick said, only I would add put a therm between the breast & thigh at the thickest point in the thigh & it should read 175 when you pull it or there will be uncooked meat deep in there.

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Good luck countrygirl,

You might stuff some butter under the skin for good measure

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Countrygirl, you should have a good cook, with all the info. you have gleaned from the guys,it'll be a snap. Remember to go from cold through the 40* to 140* zone in less than 4 hrs.;at 250* to 300*f, the skin will most likely be crispy for you.


Raptor's "butter under the skin" is a great idea;and if you like /want to use a Rub,mix it with butter and it gets a better coverage , easier and more even coverage on the Breast and inside the Bird.


Hope you have a marvelous Thanksgiving and ...

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Not sure about your smoker, but when I do bigger birds I use foil.

This bird was done as  beer can Turkey, no brine, because it was enhanced, nothing on the skin till after several hours then it was brushed with honey.

I agree with the butter comments I will usually make a slather and use that, I did not do it with this bird and it was fine.










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Thanks for all the input. I am so looking forward to letting the smoke roll. SQWIB thanks for the pics, that is a good looking bird!!

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Good luck & don't forget your camera!

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