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Thermostat for a large smoker

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  I am helping a guy repair 2 large smokers, He does deer processing here in town. I have both smokers working very good except one of the smokers needs a thermostat.

  The smokers are about 4x4x8 and have a gas valve on them that feeds a old furnace burner that we have fired at 30,000 btu's. we have it on a thermostat that has a timer on it. It will cut the gas valve off and on at a set temp. and will also cut off on a set time. The thermostat controls the gas valve and the burner cycles off and on. It works very good but a thermostat has gone bad. Yes it has a pilot light on it.

  Does anybody have a link or website as to where to find a thermostat like this or one that will work. Deer season is upon him and He needs it soon.

  Both smokers were working fine until this weekend, go figure,


Thanks for looking and helping Buddy G.

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If i had a picture i could help more.

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