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Bob veal

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Hey everyone just wondering if anyone ever did a whole veal and has any thoughts. I'm not doing it for awhile just asking around and I'm not sure if I should quarter it or just half it.
Thanks everyone
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Spit roasted yes but a little tricky & expensive per pound compared to say a butt of beef. If you dont watch them like a hawk & baste them they dry out. I have a big wood fired oven that I  do capretto & smallish pigs ,25 kg tops ,amongst other things in but she wont fit a vealer

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Veal is not in my budget except for small quantities.


If you have access, I sure would like to see pics of your work!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Just kicked of some veal ribs( more brisket/breast) in a braise,red wine ,tomato,chicken stock,red pepper,chorizo etc.Got me thinking about your question again.If you can buy it in sides or 1/4s then I figure its a proposition if it will go into your unit. I have done as I said whole & half things & worked on a massive spit roast at an Octoberfest event years ago. Theres a lot of talented big show cooks on here who will be better qualified than me but I think if you could get maybe fore quarter at a lesser price,maybe break it with a cleaver so you can eat it bone & all & do it low & slow with lots of baste you will learn a bunch of stuff . Then maybe its time to go up.Just a bit about the learning curve when you are shelling out $$ for veal. Good luck

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Veal seems to be a  meat with two faces. Either you quick sear it or do a very slow moist cook. I am concerned that a long slow smoke would dry it out and make it really tough.  Veal is a very sensitive meat and has to be prepared with a lot of care.  Just my .02   Waiting to hear with Jimmy has to say


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Welcome to the SMF Family...Jud, what's your plan?...Spit Roasting? over what?....Smoking? In what?....How many Pounds we talking?....How do you and Yours like meat cooked, Medium? Well?...Gonna need more info...JJ

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Ok my plan is to smoke It in my direct heat water smoker, not sure how many pounds yet depends on the veal we get. I'm getting lucky because my buddy works as a heardsman on a farm and we are getting the veal for free since they don't keep the bulls. I think everyone would like It rare but I'm shooting for medium. I butchering it myself so I can either keep it halfed or quarter it.
Thanks again
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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!


Looking forward to see how this turns out.

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Spud30a,  WELCOME, lots of help, and friendly people to help when need be.  As you can see lots of knowledge to pull from.  Send photos when you can, everyone loves to see other folks results. 


Good luck on the veal!

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Hi Jud, good luck with the veal


       welcome.gifto SMF

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