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baby backs on old stainless GOSM

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Did some baby backs yesterday on my GOSM. It was sort of a last minute idea but I'm glad I did it. Used some spicy montreal steak for the rub as I had never tried it before and it was on sale at the local market and heard of others using it with good results. Smoked at 220 degrees for 4 hours mopping with apple cider every hour or so. Then I used a basting brush to put some honey over them, foiled and put in the oven at 225 for about an hour and a half. They came out great and the family loved them, a great mix of spicy and sweet. That spicy montreal steak seasoning is some good stuff but I think I'll use a touch less next time. BTW I used a 50/50 mix of apple and cherry chunks for my smoke wood. I will be trying this again soon. Now I have a beautiful 8lb Boston Butt with a great fat cap that I'm going to do Wednesday or Thursday depending on the weather here and will take more start to finish pics. Well thanks for looking.bbq2.pngbbq1.png

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thumb1%20copy.gif Looks good! and welcome!

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Looks like some nice color...Montreal Steak is good Stuff...JJ

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Great looking ribs........icon14.gif



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They look delicious!

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Looks delicious!!



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Thanks everyone, they were good but a little spicy, will cut back a tad on the montreal rub next time and maybe add a bit of dark brown sugar and garlic powder. My wife and kids like spicy so it was great for them and I got some hugs and that's all that matters!icon_lol.gif

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