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Hello From Cookson, OK

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My name is Ronnie and I live near Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma.  I have been cooking and smoking for many years, just for friends and family.  I have smoked, wild hogs, goat, briskets, and babyback ribs.  I have a homemade smoker I designed and had a friend help me weld it up.  Glad to find this site.

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This site has tons of info.

I suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

Ask questions and use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

Take the awesome free E-Course!!!

Have a great day!!!

      Make bacon the easy way!!


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Hi Ronnie, glad you joined us



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Welcome to the SMF Family...JJ

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welcome1.gif    Glad to have you with us!

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hello and welcome to SMF got pics of that smoker?

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Here is a pic of the smoker.





Completed smoker.jpg

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Welcome aboard Ronnie! 


As you can see some of the most well informed people, happy to help, and happy to benefit others are at this forum.  Everyone loves seeing other folks efforts, photos and results of their hard work.


They will jump in with all their expertise if asked to do so.  Any questions can be answered rapidly and from multiple points of view.  I know you will be a big asset as well with all your experience.


Send photos when you get a chance. . . . . . . .


Good luck, enjoy it all. 


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Welcome aboard, Ronnie!


Good luck and good smoking.

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looks like a fresh paint job on that babyicon14.gif

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welcome1.gifto the forum Ronnie, good looking Smoker. Hope you enjoy it here on the SMF.


I am a misplaced Texan and am doing my best to keep my smoking skills honed. So many up here think burning a Burger is Smoking,then they try some 'Honest Smoked Meat ' and go crazyyahoo.gif.


Have fun down there in God's Country, and send Q-view of your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.biggrin.gif


I'll be up here in the North doing my thing,so tune in and see what others are doing...when it Snows here,the hardcores come out,I'm gonna do it again this year, and I got a Frostyballs cook for the ICMC in Fostoria,O. in Jan. ,so that will be fun. The fun will be captured on pics. These folks party hearty,so it'll be a fun timeicon_eek.gif.



Those that are close are welcome to our place, especially Bikers with no home.


Have fun and...

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I like the rig Ronnie,

looks like it will make some great Qviews biggrin.gif

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