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Happy Birthday Beer B-Q Paul

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I spoke with Kathryn today and Paul is making some progress. Most of the pain from the original complaint is gone. He still has some pain in some other areas - most likely from the falls - is my guess. 


They have him on blood thinners for the blood clot and it sounds like that is working.


Kind of sucks that he has to spend his Birthday in the hospital.


Happy Birthday my friend. Make the best of it   

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Happy Birthday Paul.............. SMF misses you........... get well soon



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Dear Paul,

Please try to have as Happy a Birthday as you can!


Then take care of yourself & listen to Kathryn (Kathryn thinking--"Yeh Right").



We miss you Big Time, Buddy !!!




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Guys - very cool evening. Paul called me and we chatted for nearly an hour. So great to hear his voice. He is still in considerable pain from the injuries from his falls. He is on Medicaid and there is limited care available to him. 


I encouraged him to make a lot of noise asking for his patient advocate. Hopefully there will be moe positive results to report soon.


Thanks for all of the support you have given to the family 





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Happy birthday Paul

Gary thanks for the updates. And I hope that he gets better and they can take better care of him.
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Happy Birthday Paul!...Great to hear you are Progressing!...All the best to You and Yours...JJ

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Happy birthday Paul And many more.

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Happy Birthday Paul!


Get well soon!

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Happy birthday Paul!

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Thanks for the update, Gary!!!


Great to hear a little positive news about Paul.




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Hope you had a good Birthday and get better soon

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Happy birthday Paul!!!




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BD.gif Sorry i missed it i was in the woods.

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th_blowing-out-candles-emoticon.gif You may be hurting but there are obviously a lot of people here that think the world of you.  Hope you had a great birthday anyway!!

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BD.gif, Paul. Best wishes for the future.


Have fun and...

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Happy Birthday, Paul.  We are all pulling for you!


Hurry back!


Good luck and good smoking.

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