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No Smoke Color on Bottom

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I use an amazin in a weber kettle.


Just curious. After 3 hours, why is there a nice smoke color on all sides of the cheese except the bottom? You would think that would get exposed to smoke the most.

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never noticed any difference when I've smoked cheeses.  Was the cheese sitting on a rack or on a pan or piece of foil?

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You must check your air circulation the smoke can move to the side and stay on top before it smokes outth_dunno-1[1].gif

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I guess you could try rolling them over half way through.

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no reason not to move them around a bit while smoking,  I smoke on a stainless steal screen when doing cheese. 

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I started to flip and rotate my cheese at the half way mark.  I let a cousin taste one of my first batches and he said that one end was smokier than the other end.  After that I rotate and get a more uniform smoke flavor.

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I turn mine over at the half way point.


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They're on the weber grill rack. I'm thinking that it might have to do with the foil tent over the amazin, the way it vents. I'll have to rethink it as I'd rather not rotate them during the smoke.

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