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For Trade: hickory, cherry, red oak chunks

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For Trade:
hickory, cherry, red oak chunks

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have chunks of hickory, cherry, red oak - waaay too much for me to use, so I might as well trade some.  So I'll put some in whatever size USPS pre-paid box you want, and trade for....

What do I need? Whatever. I'm not looking to make out on the deal, if I didnt have to pay postage I'd give some away. So surprise me, just dont spend a lot because afaik wood chunks are pretty cheap. :)

The hickory was cut 2 years ago, the cherry and oak 1 year ago, its all in a box in my shed.  It's all about 2" thick (give or take), some pieces bigger than a pie plate - I can chunk it with a hatchet for you, or put in bigger pieces, doesnt matter to me. Just let me know.  OK to mix & match if you want.

Full disclosure: I did cut this wood with a chainsaw, so if the possibility of tiny amounts of oil bothers you, then this deal isnt for you.  No, I have never seen any oil on any of the hundreds of trees I've cut, including these chunks.  Yes the trees are from my property, cut for firewood or because they came down in a storm.

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Where in Pa. are you? I'll look around to see what I have,I love to have some Cherry. Heck if you're on the West side of Pa. I could come and P/U the wood.We are just out of Toledo to the East.



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Do you need any mesquite? I have a metric $hitload I can cut up and swap ya box-for-box. I also have really cool springs you could use for handles if you are planning on building a smoker. See my ad.


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I would swap a box of pecan for a box of cherry
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