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New MES 40's Maiden voyage is underway!

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Doing 3 racks of spares. Just put them on a little while ago.  No QView going in, but will take some pics @! the 3 hour mark when I foil them.  My AMNPS came yesterday so I'm breaking that in as well!  It was fantastic that it came so fast.  ot it yesterday. Burned it off this AM.  BUT, realized I don't have a torch :-(  But I used the side burner on my grill and some of the cherry pellets in a foil "dish". Then I transfered them into the AMNPS.  Once I got them into the MES, I re-lit them with a lighter and let them burn for about 7 minutes while I got everything else ready and blew them out. It's beautiful seeing such a gentle smoke being produced from the exhaust. Nice change of pace from my Brinkmann charcoal vertical.

Can't wait to try them already!



BTW, I have my water pan, dry and foil lined, right?  Also line the drain pan with foil (yes, I punched the hole in it).




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Sounds like a great start!


Good luck!

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still waitin.....popcorn.gif

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Congrats on the new gear!  How did the maiden cook go??  I'm interested both the MES 40 and the AMNPS, so be sure to update us!thumb1%20copy.gif

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It went great!  The AMNPS worked like a charm after 2 hours of my being frustrated by it.  All cuz I didn't read the directions well enough!  I started a thread in the PORK forum with Q-View, etc...


Thanks for all the advice!  This smoker will do wonders for my cooking!




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